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Student Travel Planning Tips

Tuesday, December 15th, 2009

While school is a lovely place to explore history, math, English and science, there are many students who embark on journeys just to get a break from the classroom and campus. Student travel is a popular way to catch up with family and friends, catch new experiences, catch fresh air or sun rays, in some cases. From taking a cultural trip to partying during Spring Break, there are plenty of ways students take trips about the world. Below, you will find some of the most common aspects of student travel.

Studying abroad – Depending on your major, the majority of higher learning institutions have utilized the beauty of in-depth, on-site learning that is accomplished through studying abroad. This particular opportunity usually accompanies various majors and concentrations, such as taking a cultural trip to the Dominican Republic to study Latin American history.

Usually, for one semester, students will travel to destinations around the globe to take classes in an environment much different than their own. This is a great time to experience the ins and outs of world politics, food, environment, culture, history and nature. The options for student travel for learning purposes ranges from Wales to Brazil to maritime exploration on the Pacific to South African medical study.

Spring break – You may see many destinations listed for the best Spring Break hot spots for student travel, decorating the television screen as you flick through MTV during the springtime. Filled with margaritas and late-night clubbing, Cancun is one of the craziest places to attract the most Spring Breakers. Sandy beaches in Mexico provide just the right atmosphere to accommodate students who need a hefty dose of unwinding, while the energy of Las Vegas never stops.

Educational conference – In regard to student travel, being chosen to represent your college at a conference is a great honor, depending on the subject. Not only will you get a chance to learn outside of the campus, but also enjoy all of the exciting acquaintances and city scenery you may come across during a trip. School-related conferences are just the thing to take a break from monotonous campus life.

Home for the holidays – The most common times for student travel is when the holidays roll around. Thanksgiving and Christmas are some of the perfect times to visit family and friends. Whether it’s taking a road trip to reacquaint yourself with hometown hospitality or flying in to meet with the parents of your significant other, there are plenty of reasons for students to travel during the holiday season.